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Jeannine's Vision

Inspiring! Challenging! Passionate! Powerful!

These are just some of the words clients, audiences, lawmakers, and corporate leaders have used in describing Jeannine LaRue.

An interaction with Jeannine is like watching a thrilling movie unfold. Whether it’s her personal stories about being a teen mother and the struggles of raising an unwanted child or surviving several years of being a battered woman, Jeannine challenges her listeners to step beyond self-pity and experience the futures they can’t even imagine.

Jeannine LaRue has become her own brand in the field of networking and is a well-respected lobbyist and public affairs executive in the New Jersey Trenton circles. She’s an avid social media mogul and has developed her own techniques to connect with thousands of people around the globe in the wide world of cyberspace.

Professional Career

Jeannine has enjoyed an exciting professional career spanning 40 years in public service and the private sector earning her the title of the fixer and the consummate networker. When she approaches the podium to speak, Jeannine owns the room. And…when she opens her mouth to speak, it becomes clear, very clear to every individual in the room that the room that she owns is never about her…it is always about the individuals sitting before her.

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Jeannine LaRue, an inspiring and engaging public speaker, has delivered keynote addresses, moderated panelists, and served as mistress of ceremonies on college campuses, business symposia, national conferences, and political conventions. Jeannine combines her own personal life stories with skills she’s developed in her corporate, governmental, and political careers over the last 40 years.

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Jeannine LaRue joined a panel of educational experts to discuss the direction that the incoming New Jersey Governor should take on child advocacy in the next four years. Congrats to the Advocates for Children of New Jersey on a very successful and highly charged discussion at their 2017 Children’s Summit.

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Insight – Integrity – Influence

The Kaufman Zita Group consistently ranks as one of the most recognized, respected and relied upon government and public affairs firms in New Jersey. We come from diverse backgrounds, have unique skills, and are routinely cited among the most insightful and influential lobbyists in New Jersey. We succeed because we take the time to understand your issues, become an integral part of your team, and devote ourselves to delivering the results you need.


If you’ve never watched Jeannine LaRue “work a room,” then you’ve missed a huge treat! Jeannine loves people…she loves networking…and she meets absolutely no strangers. Don’t believe it? Just connect with Jeannine on any of the social media outlets…FacebookTwitterLinkedIn , or Instagram. You’ll quickly discover your interaction is more than an experience…it’s a culture!

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A sports psychologist, Jack Llewellyn, authored a book with the perfect title, Get the Mud out of the Water. While not quite the same, Jeannine LaRue views life coaching as an opportunity to help clients see their past less judgmentally, their present more realistically, and their future much more optimistically! Jeannine’s own life has been peppered with tragedies, disappointments, and sudden deaths of her parents, siblings, and stepchildren. Yet, she has managed to accept these life-altering events…not as challenges…but as amazing opportunities that have propelled her personal and professional life to unimaginable new heights.

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